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Proactive Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Analytics for Healthcare Facilities

Improve automation, improve safety, and decrease costs
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Invisible Threats, Tangible Consequences

Poor IAQ negatively affects patient health, worker safety, and operational costs.
Growing Industry
Skilled labor shortage
Aging facilities
Need to automate data collection
Changing Regulatory
Complex and evolving regulations
Significant manual tracking and testing
IAQ Management
IAQ issues have already caused harm by the time they are noticed and addressed
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IEQmax Provides Clear, Comprehensive Monitoring Over Your Healthcare Environment

Gain continuous air quality insights and analytics across departments
Burn Ward
(Outside ICRA tents)
Compounding Pharmacy

Drive Operational Efficiencies

Data Management
Effective Action

What’s Measured:

Temperature / Humidity
Particulate Matter
Bioaerosols / Airbone Pathogens
Toxic / Irritant Gases
Chemicals / Disinfection Agents
Data Analytics
Screenshot of IEQMax air quality monitoring app showing various data points

Optimize the Management of Safety, Compliance and Resource Use


Eliminate manual checks and repeated retesting
Minimize compliance
surprises and down time
Optimize compliance

Infection Control

Early awareness of IAQ issues minimizes harm
IAQ issue tracking helps reduce future IAQ infection
Mitigate spread of airborne contamination

Facility Management

Automated tracking is consistent, reliable, and continuous
Increase confidence in implemented safety measures
Optimize energy use by tracking real-time IAQ

Intelligence at your fingertips
for better decision making

A screenshot of IEQMax air quality monitoring app on a cellphone.

Continuous and Comprehensive Monitoring

Air quality data uploaded to the cloud every 60 seconds
Track one or hundreds of monitors installed across an enterprise
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in IEQMax app on a smartphone.

Air Quality Mapping

Analyze historical and real-time data across an operation or enterprise
Overlay operations, animal health and environmental data
Identify recurring trends and seasonal issues
A screenshot of the IEQMax app on a smartphone. The app displays indoor air quality readings for various pollutants.

Automated Data Analytics and Reporting

Access real-time and trend data
Querry by air substance, time frame and location
Pull reports and download selected data into CSV files
A screenshot of the IEQMax app on a smartphone. The app displays air quality readings for a location called "Fitzsimmons Main Hospital, Floor: 1".

Customized Management

Thresholds: Establish risk levels by department or area
Data Access: Provide data on a need to know, need to manage basis
Notifications: Adjust text and email notifications settings by employee
Analytics: Set “Time out of Range” to drive notifications
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Healthcare Case Studies

Streamlined Investment in Air Quality Technologies

One healthcare organization avoided a hefty $200,000 investment by utilizing IEQmax™ to discern that less expensive filters and existing air cleaning technologies were equally efficient across three facilities.
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Denver Health Hospital

Jan - March 2023
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Want to Elevate Your IAQ Monitoring?

Optimize compliance and safety with IEQmax’s air quality monitoring platform.
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What specific air substances does IEQmax monitor?

How does IEQmax improve safety in an Environment of Care?

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What departments in a hospital or healthcare facility would benefit most from IEQmax and why?